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Great Acupuncture Experience! I came to Geeta because a colleague that I know well, recommended her. I have been having bad period cramps for as long as I can remember, and ongoing constipation. After the 1st treatment there was no significant change, but I felt very relax and so I continued. After the 2nd and she gave me the herb tea to drink, I feel that going to the bathroom become easier. After the 3rd and 4th treatment, I had my period, and there was no intense pain and cramps that usually always comes with my period. I am very happy with this development. Thank you very much!!
Vivian P
Amazing experience I've had the pleasure of working with Geeta for almost 3 years. She truly is an excellent practitioner. She is so compassionate and caring, and a great listener. She was such a big support during a very difficult period of time in my life. She helped me address a range of issues including anxiety, depression, digestive problems, and PMS. After each session I would feel so much better, more calm, and balanced. I wholeheartedly recommend her!
Rooj A
A true healer! When I first received a referral from my PT, I believed I was going in to get my gut healed. On my initial appointment I realized how much broader this treatment was then I’d anticipated and how quick the results were! Each week I came and felt soothed, relaxed and attended by Geeta's emotional attentiveness, compassionate and intuitive spirit. I have a deep appreciation for Geeta's ability to extend her healing techniques beyond acupuncture alone to provide comprehensive care through diet and vitamins. Acupuncture has been a quick and powerful tool that has helped regulate me, both physically and emotionally, and Geeta has fostered a comfortable atmosphere that makes that healing possible. Thank you, thank you!
Just Wonderful Working with Geeta has been just wonderful. My treatment goals have been to reduce anxiety and stress. Having dealt with anxiety and depression for over 20 years and now beginning a new chapter in my life, my mental and physical health have been struggling. Acupuncture with Geeta has absolutely helped and I’ve only had a handful of treatments. Geeta has been so thoughtful in creating my treatment plan, and I can’t wait to see how much more I improve with each treatment.
Gabriella J
Amazing results I have been seeing Geeta for a short time and it has been amazing how quickly my ailments have been diminishing or have been eliminated altogether. The office is a beautiful zen getaway from the intensity of DC! It is so simple to make an appointment that fits your schedule via the website. Geeta takes the time to explain things to you in a way that will surely make sense. I highly recommend giving acupuncture/ chinese medicine a try.
Larry D
High Quality Effective Personable Accupuncturist I have been working with Geeta for the last several months. From the beginning, Geeta has been an absolute charm to work with. She asks relevant and thoughtful questions, seeks clarification as needed, shows no judgement and makes recommendations based on the intake. We've been focusing on easing the impacts of seasonal allergies very successfully. I am also seeing improvements in my sleep and late night eating patterns. Thanks to Geeta for the progress in living wellness!!!
Gisele F
I love each session with Geeta I look forward to each session with Geeta. She is very professional, passionate about her work and she is very caring. Always listen to what you say and she makes me feel so much better. I highly recommend her services for everyone and for any kind of problem you may have. Thanks Geeta!
Amazing Herbs! I was a little more then worried about taking Chinese herbs. I've had some bad side effects from medicines and finally found the right medicine for me. I didn't want to go through that with strange herbs... But after a couple months Geeta convinced me that they were worth a try. It's a night and day difference! I didn't have any side effects and after about two weeks I started to feel an improvement. We kept with it and I started to feel even better. We changed the formula a couple times and in the end I found a great deal of relief and wish I started on the herbs sooner.
Lia L
Geeta is a lightworker! I came to this practice with a slew of issues and after a few months they have all resolved themselves. A life long issue of constantly being cold has dissipated, my adult acne that I've had for years is gone and my weight has begun to melt off my body. I did a few months of consistent treatment and followed Geeta's guidance to successful healing. The most notable part of my experience was Geeta's phenomenal bedside manner. She always made me feel very comfortable, listened to me intently and was extremely thoughtful and thorough with her treatment plan. I couldn't have wished for a better experience. I would highly recommend Little Dragon Wellness!
Amazing experience Geeta's practice is excellent. Her treatments are pleasant, very well tailored, and have helped me overcome some of my longstanding symptoms . I couldn't ask for a more experienced acupuncturist.
Michal Bilick
Peaceful and Healing Services! Geeta is an amazing listener and acupuncturist. She really pays attention to what you want to work on and you come out feeling relaxed and restored each session. Highly recommend Little Dragon!
Liliana O
Amazing experience My experience so far with acupuncture has been excellent. I experienced improvements since the first sessions. Geeta is a very attentive, sweet and open. The treatment rooms are very soothing, it feels like a mini-vacation everytime I go.
Ruth E.
Expert Care I'm new to acupuncture so had reservations, but Geeta made a believer of me! My visits not only help with a specific health issue, but the peaceful atmosphere also creates an overall level of relaxation I only seem to find at Little Dragon Wellness. Go with an open mind and you will love the results.
Great place for acupuncture I am 43 years old and had gone through numerous IUI cycles for pregnancy with no success and wanted to try alternative medicine treatments. I did about a couple of months of acupuncture with Geeta to prepare my body and began taking herbs. After only 3 months of acupuncture and herbs, I got pregnant on my own. The pregnancy didn’t work out but I am continuing my treatment with Geeta. Geeta is a true professional, she listens and spends the time to ask you questions before each session. The office is very nice and relaxing. I feel with more visits, I can definitely get pregnant again.
Healing Experience Geeta is a true healer. She has positive energy glowing from her. Very attentive and such a great listener. Went in for treatment for a painful knee injury, felt much better even after the first session. She has also assisted in getting rid of some complicated emotional stress by treating my upper body, chest and heart openings to be specific. Just communicate to Geeta what you want, and she will deliver gracefully.
Excellent Results I reached out to Geeta because I was having issues with managing stress. After one session I began to see results, both from the acupuncture and also from her recommendations for herbs and nutrition. She is gifted at what she does and it shows in both her care of her patients and in the results. Even as I improve I will continue to see her because working with her has become an important part of taking care myself and nurturing a mind-body connection. I only began to really value self-care after seeing Geeta and understanding how good it is possible to feel.
Great first experience in a professional, relaxing and sophisticated setting located in an easy to get to part of metro DC on I Street. The staff was accommodating, explanatory and reassuring. The entire process was well explained; no surprises and excellent results. Dr. Geeta Souza was easy to talk to and very sweet; put my mind at ease and helped with my hand pain. I am excited for my next visit. Acupuncture is cumulative you know
Visited Geeta out of recommendation from YELP and a mutual friend on Facebook. I have been dealing with horrible migraines and excessive sweating. After one treatment, I noticed almost instant reduction of pain and temperature. She was very gentle and the room was totally relaxing and clean. Geeta asked very specific questions, in addition to the questionnaire that you have to fill out before you arrive, to try to get to the root of my ailments. She offered explanations and suggestions and not in a "here is what you have to do to/take it or leave it" kind of way. She was very calming from start to finish. I've always been a believer of eastern medicine and I felt some relief after the first visit. I am looking forward to future treatments to regain balance and being pain free in my life.
Geeta Dsouza is a miracle worker. I have had migraines on and off for years. Most recently, they have been every day. Her acupuncture and diet recommendations have provided the only relief and I feel so much better. I have also been taking Herbs which she recommended. She is a delight. She is very thorough and in tune to her patients. She has a unique approach for each client. I highly recommend Geeta especially for migraine sufferers!
I must admit, I've always been skeptical of acupuncture. However, after using nearly every Rx in the book to calm my rosacea, itchiness, and sinus issues, I finally had to try something new. I'm so glad I did. Working with Geeta over the past few weeks has met with progress on so many fronts. I knew something was already different from my past health treatments when Geeta began the intake process. I've never had someone spend so much time and attention patiently and methodically covering every detail of my current health status. From there on out, everything was great. Treatments were gentle and caring. Geeta is gifted with a healing touch, and after my first session I felt like I was floating. I was calm and relaxed in a way I hadn't felt in the past - a pleasant surprise that I didn't expect from the acupuncture. Since then, I've come to expect that blissful relaxed state after every session, and now I'd highly recommend a trip to Little Dragon for stress relief alone! In short, if you're suffering from anxiety/stress or nagging physical ailments, I really think you owe it to yourself to give Little Dragon Wellness a try.
Geeta is an amazing practitioner! I started visiting her recently because I was having difficulty sleeping and suffered from chronic sinus congestion. She really takes time to understand the complete picture of her patients and I feel like she truly cares about my overall wellness. In just a few treatments from her, I can already tell a HUGE difference in my quality of sleep and ability to breath! She is also providing me with my very own, personalized herbal formula. I've tried both the powder (to make tea) and the capsules, which are easy to take with me when I travel for work. I'd much rather take something natural that actually works versus all the junk you can buy at the store. I've been to two other acupuncturists and I can say that Geeta is by far the best and most compassionate. She is extremely knowledgeable and committed to her practice. If you have any health issues or just looking to improve your wellness, Little Dragon is the place to go!
Geeta is an outstanding practitioner. She is very gentle, knowledgeable, caring and empathetic. My experience with acupuncture has been very positive thus far; I felt a difference since my first session. My anxiety has practically disappeared; I have less trouble falling asleep and feel more at ease. Geeta has been very helpful, giving me reading material, advice and tips to modify my daily routine in order to reduce my ailments. I feel very comfortable talking to her about my concerns and she is always receptive to what I am feeling and helps me address those issues. I leave feeling very relaxed and hopeful. Geeta has a holistic approach focusing on my physical, as well as emotional, well-being. I would definitely recommend her practice to anyone interested in acupuncture. I tried other practitioners but went back to her because you really get the sense that she is concerned with helping you overcome your condition. I always look forward to my weekly sessions with her. Thanks Geeta!
I had one acupuncture session with Geeta. She was thorough and sensitive in discussing my issues (private - sorry) with me. I felt very comfortable on her table and barely felt the needles. I lay there totally relaxed for a time (how long?) and left feeling absolutely wonderful.
Geeta Dsouza is a phenomenal practitioner. She is rigorous, intelligent, and committed to attaining results for her patients. It's difficult to find competent practitioners of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine as the level of training varies widely thanks to the fairly recent advent of education and professional licensure in the United States. Geeta is elevating the profession of Chinese medicine in the West on the whole which she accomplishes by being indispensably useful to her patients. Thanks Geeta.
Geeta provides amazing treatments. I had never gotten acupuncture before, but Geeta made me feel very comfortable at my first appointment and took the time (about an hour!) to understand my medical complaints. She has a very sweet manner and is careful and gentle. Her office is very calming, and I always leave feeling so much better. She used acupuncture and a heat lamp on my knee and made it tons better in just 2 visits. Also, she gives discounts for teachers and other people who do good-for-the-world jobs. She gave me lots of recommendations for herbal/natural treatments and made me my own herb capsules. Her holistic approach to health is so refreshing, and I'd recommend her to anyone--even people like me who eschew needles and blood!
Working with Geeta has been amazing for me. I turned to acupuncture to help with back pain. Having suffered from back injuries in the past, I was reluctant to see a western medicine doctor again, so I thought I would try acupuncture. After our conversation during my first session, I felt as though Geeta knew and understood my body better than I did. After that first session, Geeta had an herbal formula ready for me to try. I left feeling calmer and more relaxed than I had in a very long time. I am amazed by Geeta's insight and knowledge. She is extremely caring and gentle with her patients. I always look forward to my sessions with her. Her natural and holistic approach is both refreshing and productive. After only a handful of visits with Geeta, I feel better than I have in quite a long time. I highly recommend trying Little Dragon Wellness.
Geeta is an amazing, perceptive, insightful caregiver, and has helped me find peace and wellness in a world full of ills, within and without. It's been an unmitigated blessing to find her.
I could not encourage working with Geeta more. Her professionalism is profound: she takes a holistic view towards treatment and takes time to listen to and understand all life factors. Without having to ask she will explain the reasoning and thought behind the paradigms she applies to her practice and it is apparent just how educated and well-trained she is in her work. Perhaps what makes her even easier to work with is her light and pleasant demeanor. She always greets me with the biggest of grins and a calming presence. Immediately I'm at ease. She works to develop a treatment plan that looks toward long-term improvement. For me, a session isn't just about practicing acupuncture; she helps me understand how other components of my life - diet, stress, activity - relate to how I feel and she makes recommendations when she can. Geeta is a truly lovely spirit and I cannot recommend her practice enough!
Geeta is a compassionate person and practitioner. I moved from DC to Miami and every-time I visit, I cant wait to see her. After each visit, depending on the issue that I might have, I always leave relaxed, feeling better, and pain free. She is really good at connecting with you at an emotional level which helps to dig out the pain that you are having. Im going to DC next week and am looking forward see her and try my herbal formula. Keep doing what you are doing lady! xoxox
Geeta has been a godsend for me. I had digestive problems that I tried, without success, to treat naturally for 6 months. Then tried Western medicine, where the cure was worse than the ill. Geeta prescribed a herb formula which put me to rights within 3 days and after just a few months of taking it, I was able to stop and have had no problems since. She also was able to take care of my dry and itchy skin that drives me mad each winter. Geeta gave me results where Western medicine could not. Unless I break my nose or femur, I will ask Geeta first before going to my GP.
I wanted my pregnancy experience to be as natural as possible, but there are certainly ailments and discomforts that come up when you're pregnant---and you need something to help support you. Geeta was great in helping to balance my body, ease back pain, and help with insomnia during my pregnancy. I think acupuncture can be hugely helpful during pregnancy. She is very knowledgeable, compassionate, and attentive to details. I highly recommend her practice!